Thursday, December 15, 2005

workin' hard for the man..

I've had an impressively slack day today.

I was over an hour late for work (not that anyone noticed) and it wasn't long after I'd settled in to sending email to friends and reading the newspaper that we had the Christmas lunch for our team (go Team Death!). This involved much scarfing down of junk food and general slacking around for an hour or so.

A brief interlude of work then punctuated the general slothfulness.

But fortunately I had to go out for lunch with the IT boys, or The Disciples, as we call them (there are 12 of them but that's where the similarity breaks down - I didn't say it was a *good* nickname did I?). Which involved a kickarse Thai chicken salad and a few well-earned G&Ts. Ok, I didn't earn them today but I'm sure at some point in the past I'd accrued enough G&T-in-lieu points to redeem them on such a beautiful sunny day.

An hour & a half or so later we wandered merrily (considerably more merry in a few cases) back to work. Where, in a frenzy of gin and Protestant work ethic guilt fueled activity, I actually achieved a few things.

Fortunately I didn't have to sustain the level of intensity for long before it was time for afternoon tea put on by one of the agencies. Which involved some more slothing around eating expensive foods and generally wasting company time.

After that was siesta time: drooped at my desk trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep my eyes open or at least not drool on the keyboard. Not for the first time am I glad I've got an office to myself in one of the less populated areas of the building.

Tomorrow I'm taking a blanket and a pillow.

Before anyone calls my professionalism into account, and to illustrate what an abominably easy job I do, in the very little time I actually spent working today I still managed to fulfill my 'quota' and answer several dozen inane questions from my workmates. Yes, I am a legend.

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