Sunday, May 15, 2005

analyse me. please.

So there I was last night being pursued through my dreams by the Unstoppable Kitten of Doom (tm). I mean this thing was like the Terminator - at one stage someone cut it completely in two with a cleaver and threw the bits away but it just dusted itself off and got back up again.

We crushed it under a rock but that had no effect. Even tried to dissolve it in acid. All to no avail.

It wasn't exactly a fast moving kitten, we were outrunning it ok - it was just annoying, always there behind us & trying to eat us. It actually did bite off someone's finger at one stage but then he was trying to throw it over a cliff at the time so fair enough really. And it didn't swallow it anyway, we put it on ice to get stitched back on later.

But it was definitely a killer kitten, don't get me wrong - it could claw through an iron cage with ease. Teeth that could crush rocks. Blood crazed look in its eyes.

Adorably cute though.

I woke up before it managed to do anyone any serious damage and I've got to say I never felt terrified of it (not like the Man-Eating Shallots From Hell (tm) in a previous dream, they were really scary..) it was just always after us.

Anyone got an explanation? Perhaps something to do with the sangria and feijoa vodka I'd been drinking?

BTW I'm back now.
Managed to get away from Boba & Jengo - they had me cooking eggs for a month.

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