Thursday, July 01, 2004

a nasal buzzsaw

The Aussie accent eh? A melodious brogue it sure aint. Not that we Kiwis can sneer really ("cun yoo spuk Unglush un Nu Zuld?"). Well, no, I guess we can coz no matter how gutteral the worst of our phonetic excesses are they're nothing compared the flaying of the eardrums you can get from listening to an Aussie DJ on the radio...

I've gotten (relatively) used to it but occasionally one pops up whose nasal twang makes me want to scoop out my eardrums with a spoon. But I wisely opt for turning the radio off instead.

The only thing I've found that's worse is Australian rap.

Oh. My. God.

I hate to brag too much about NZ music... hang on, no, that should be that I love to brag about it. And the reason for that is that it compares soooo well to most of the stuff (read: 'dross') you get here in Oz.

But about their rap and hiphop... Well, good on them for trying, eh? I mean they're givin' it a go, eh? (*attempts Mike King impersonation but gives up in disgust at the thought of Mike King* *shudder*).

No, I'm sorry, no. Just stop. Please. I beg of you.

It's not just that their stuff seems to rely heavily on 10 - 15 yr old influences (Snap and C&C Music factory were good but things have moved on a little) but that they rap in strong Aussie accents. I'm afraid that's probably something that only their mothers could love. And considering the content of much of the 'rap' their mums probably aren't too happy either.

Anyway, that's my daily whinge. Now I must away to watch the tennis - Federer vs Hewitt. Hopefully Lleyton's gonna get a good Rogering.

I know, I know, I'll get me coat...

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