Sunday, December 21, 2003

Insomnia. Oh how I loathe thee...

Why do I not sleep? I hate to miss out on anything so sleep seems like a waste of time. Not really the reason but fuck I have no idea why.

Too much happening in my brain. Ha. Many people would disagree with that of course... The problem with my thoughts is that they're always going a mile a minute & jumping around like a cocaine addicted grasshopper. I can never seem to get them to settle of my own will. Sleep has to come of it's own accord and it apparently doesn't like to inhabit my head much.

I think things in the depths of the night that I feel I should write down coz they're fun or pithy or interesting or just crap but important to me. But the few times I have attempted to make a record of these nocturnal epiphanies they evaporate even as I write them down - the simple act of putting pen to paper & trying to order my thoughts so they can be written causes the thought to go into irreversible cardiac arrest and if there is anything to be written it just comes out cold and lifeless.

Like all this for instance.


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