100 new(ish) things

It's been a while so I thought I'd better update, surely there's been some change in 6 years...

PS I'm not reading through the old list *shudder* so there may be double-ups or contradictory statements. I am nothing if not inconsistently consistent.

PPS Again, this list is at least misleading if not wildly inaccurate.

PPPS And it's a work in progress...

  1. I like ducks.
  2. Have been a gym-goer for a couple of years now but frankly still loathe the places.
  3. The zombie apocalypse is coming - are you prepared? I've got my spade ready.
  4. Reading: still my number one favourite activity.
  5. OK, perhaps number two if I'm honest. But then who doesn't rank sex and intimacy as number one? Robots, that's who. Which is why they'll very soon take over the world. I, for one, welcome our new electronic overlords.
  6. Hi, my name is Jeff and I'm an internet addict: it's been 3 minutes since I last checked my rss feeds.
  7. I seem to be more of a consumer than a producer as far as creative content is concerned.
  8. Wish I had the cojones to post some of my writing online.
  9. Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee. Need I say more? Yes, yes I do: Coffee.
  10. Have been shaving for nearly 25 years and am just starting to enjoy it.
  11. Which is fortunate since I now shave my head and therefore have more area to deal with.
  12. Have recently found that I'm very effective at losing weight without meaning to, but find it difficult to put it on in any significant way. Yes, I know that half the world hates me for this.
  13. I'm still surprised at myself - what I look like, who I've become, what I do, how old I am, etc. How did these things happen? Beginning to wonder about the whole free-will thing.
  14. I'm not that fond of poetry but I do tend to create haiku (haikus? haikuxes?) quite often. Usually constructed around a five or seven syllable word.
  15. My best friend recently made a book of the haiku we sent each other interspersed with pics of us drinking coffee. It is the best gift I've ever been given.
  16. Music defines my life - I only wish I could actually make some that doesn't sound like terrible torture to a small animal.
  17. Turn ons: humour, intelligence, women in boots (bonus points for just boots), Star Trek porn, people who are interested in me, quirks. Ok, I lied about the Star Trek porn.
  18. People have told me I swear too manking much, but I say it's just the right spooging amount. Balls.
  19. I've been to Paris. It was awesome.
  20. My eyes are greeny-grey-blue, but my contacts make them much more vividly green. I'm happy with the pretence.
  21. There seems to be a trend for my exes to find true love right after being with me. So if you're looking for that special someone: date me, dump me, and hey presto!
  22. On the other hand it might turn you gay. I have that track record too.
  23. Jeez, I really ought not to talk about that...
  24. I'm actually quite lovely. Truth.
  25. I used to be able to put my leg behind my head but I'm a bit afraid to try these days in case something rips and it's not my trousers.
  26. I'm a bit obsessive about the written word, more precisely the typed one - grammar, punctuation, spelling and spacing are things I tend to over think.
  27. Though mostly in my own writing - I'm not quite so bad where other people are concerned.
  28. That said: if you're writing online use a freaking spell checker! There's a million of them free to use, try it - you might like it.
  29. And don't use 'text speak' in an email unless you're fifteen.
  30. If you're fifteen and use text speak in email: grow up.
  31. Dugongs are cool.
  32. Physics, maths and astronomy fascinate me.
  33. And I have about as much understanding of them as does your average carp.
  34. I've read A Brief History of Time twice. Loved it. Couldn't tell you what it was about though.
  35. Did you know that parrots in the wild don't mimic other birds? It's never been recorded. Humans are the only animals they copy. Don't tell the creationists but I think that's the most compelling evidence for the existence of god.
  36. And that he/she/it has a weird sense of humour.
  37. Which makes me a bit more comfortable with the whole deity thing, I think I could get on with an omnipotent entity like that.
  38. I'm still an Atheist though: I'd have a drink with the supreme being but there's not going to be any worshipping.
  39. Yes, my eyes are green - but not as green as the contacts make them look.
  40. My best friend died nine years ago; I met my now best friend just shy of a year after that.
  41. I managed to get married during the interregnum. A fact that still bamboozles me.
  42. This shows how important friends are.