Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the horror

I've been shaped!

Haven't had the internet at home now for 4 days. I'm beginning to get the shakes...

On the up side I am getting a lot of reading done. And have been to a couple of movies. Plus watching more tv. Which, come to think of it, probably isn't a positive.

I thought I'd miss facebook but, after a few irritated hours, I find I don't feel cut off at all. The truly annoying thing is lack of access to wikipedia - I have to rely on my brain to remember things! Oh the humanity!

My internet will not regain it's former speed (i.e. faster than the arthritic glacier it currently resembles) until the weekend and my access to work computers is severely curtailed due to training courses. The current unusual state of mute untalkativeness will be replaced by the regular level of surly reticence shortly. Yes, I know it's difficult to tell the difference.

If you email me and I don't respond it's probably because I just don't like you. As usual.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So my notebooks are a complete mess at the moment. Well, it's a permanent state of affairs actually - they reflect the orderliness of my mind (i.e. none). Here are a few notes that I've written recently. I think. There are no dates and I actually have no recollection of writing some of them at all so they may be last week or last year. Or figments of my imagination.

  • Full-on police riot wagon cruising slowly down King St on a Tuesday morning - complete with cow-catcher, meshed windows and armoured turret. Wish I had time to follow it and see if there's an interesting riot happening. Or perhaps start one - they might just be bored & cruisin'.
  • Quote at 10:26PM "It's at this time of night that bunting comes into it's own" - Eroica Ritchie (attr.). I have no idea where we were or what we were discussing. I really wish I could remember that conversation...
  • My bus driver just forgot number bus he was in - was just about to take a wrong turn that would have had disastrous consequences to the route and timetable till a passenger yelled out to him. Then went up and gave him directions - was still there when I got off at my stop.
  • Woke up with Queen's 'Fat Bottom Girls' running through my head. Was humming it for a while before I realised that it's all about paedophilia.
  • A guy just ran under a semi-trailer at the lights near work! It wasn't moving fast but jesus! Would have taken a really big spatula to get him off the tarmac if he'd misjudged it.
  • "Have we had this conversation? Damn, my mind is such a sieve I don't know if I'm having deja vu or a senior moment".
  • We should fall in love. Madly, badly and tragically. If our hearts are broken it's ok - that's what Tom Waits albums are for.
That's all for now. Hopefully I've not used these ones before - I really ought to put a tick next to stuff I've blogged. But that's, y'know, organised and stuff. Not gonna happen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I took yesterday off due to niggling back ache, modest shoulder pain, serious sleeplessness and extreme disillusionment.

It was a good choice: I slept in a little - maybe an hour, which is pretty good for me; had a leisurely breakfast; wandered in search of coffee and newspaper; then, having acquired those two essential props, I lay in the park in the sun and did the crossword. While listening to Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency read by the author.

Magical morning.

I'd planned on going to see Kick Ass at the cinema down the road but it was such a beautiful day I couldn't justify being out of the sun for that long. Instead I took a long walk through Newtown in search of interesting graffiti and weird people. Two things that my suburb has in spades. I took many photos of graffiti but none of people - I'm not confident enough to be able to bowl up to someone and say "you look fascinating - can I take a picture to put on the internet?". Probably for the best since most of them are the people who'd say "fuck off!", "sure, that'll be $50" or "what's the internet?".

I'm struggling with my professional life at the moment. Struggling to call it 'professional' for a start. I've been looking for something else to interest me but currently with very little success. And less enthusiasm. I'm tending to choose to enjoy my life and time away from work rather than use it to update my CV, investigate job leads, look at training possibilities, network (argh) with possible contacts, etc etc ad nauseum. I admire those who are driven to do this kind of thing but honestly when it comes to a choice between writing my CV or lying in the sun with a book I think you know where my heart is. And most of the rest of my organs.

But anyway - back at work today and, as you can tell, really flat out doing stuff I love. Actually I guess I am: I'm spending most of my time surfing teh interwebs. Would post some of the links here but I'm really trying to resist turning this into a link blog. Although I will plug Michelle's Take Your Blog To Work Day, an idea I may shamelessly rip-off at some stage. If my work ever becomes interesting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today has been a near perfect day both for weather, activity and mood. Only near perfect because I had to go grocery shopping - the only chore I couldn't simply put off till whenever.

I did nothing much today and loved every second of it.

Not much more to add really, just wanted to share my contentment. Or rub it in your face. Whatever.

Hope, wherever you are, that your Sunday is equally sublime. Well, maybe not quite as good. I want to have the best after all.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

full stop

Jen left yesterday and my home feels a little empty, to be honest. It's not a large apartment but she was an excellent house guest (especially the jambalaya she cooked on the last night: so good!). Although she did use all my tissues in an effort to staunch the unceasing flow of mucus from her sinuses. But that's probably better than leaking everywhere..

It's been a while since last update - been a bit busy and too unfocused to blog frankly. Not that my blogging normally exhibits crystal clarity. But it's been a pretty fun and interesting last few weeks what with having my couch (sadly, the shorter version) finally delivered, going to see loud bands in sticky-floored pubs, more farewells (i.e. drinking) for coworkers on the project (which seems to be doing an impression of a collapsing souffle), a clean-up on the old house, and a surfing adventure down to 'nulla. That last was fun and tiring and chafing - my knees had very dodgy looking carpet burns from the board...

The final clean and exit from the house in Forest Lodge was far more emotional than I was expecting.

It wasn't quite so bad on the day Sas & I did the scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping - although saying goodbye to Rufus again, for probably the last time, was seriously awful. But for me it was going around a day later to pick up the last of the plants I could have at my new place that nearly cracked me. Leaving the garden that I'd pottered in for 5 years, plants that I'd grown from seed (the avocados are 5m tall trees now! and the bananas are producing fruit!), landscaping I'd done, composting I'd obsessed over, vege garden I'd completely failed to prevent being eaten by snails - it was traumatic.

It's a period of my life that's very much over now, and for good reasons. But parts of it were excellent: I just hope that in the future I can find as much happiness and contentment as I did in that house. Though to tell the truth I'd prefer even more.