Thursday, April 22, 2010


So my notebooks are a complete mess at the moment. Well, it's a permanent state of affairs actually - they reflect the orderliness of my mind (i.e. none). Here are a few notes that I've written recently. I think. There are no dates and I actually have no recollection of writing some of them at all so they may be last week or last year. Or figments of my imagination.

  • Full-on police riot wagon cruising slowly down King St on a Tuesday morning - complete with cow-catcher, meshed windows and armoured turret. Wish I had time to follow it and see if there's an interesting riot happening. Or perhaps start one - they might just be bored & cruisin'.
  • Quote at 10:26PM "It's at this time of night that bunting comes into it's own" - Eroica Ritchie (attr.). I have no idea where we were or what we were discussing. I really wish I could remember that conversation...
  • My bus driver just forgot number bus he was in - was just about to take a wrong turn that would have had disastrous consequences to the route and timetable till a passenger yelled out to him. Then went up and gave him directions - was still there when I got off at my stop.
  • Woke up with Queen's 'Fat Bottom Girls' running through my head. Was humming it for a while before I realised that it's all about paedophilia.
  • A guy just ran under a semi-trailer at the lights near work! It wasn't moving fast but jesus! Would have taken a really big spatula to get him off the tarmac if he'd misjudged it.
  • "Have we had this conversation? Damn, my mind is such a sieve I don't know if I'm having deja vu or a senior moment".
  • We should fall in love. Madly, badly and tragically. If our hearts are broken it's ok - that's what Tom Waits albums are for.
That's all for now. Hopefully I've not used these ones before - I really ought to put a tick next to stuff I've blogged. But that's, y'know, organised and stuff. Not gonna happen.


eroica said...

that was a beautiful insight into your mind. it makes me think i need to start carrying a notebook again.
the bunting thing was said on poplar lane i think. at night. :-)
xxx love you

Anonymous said...

Your "not gonna happen" conveys such self-acceptance. I should emulate it.

- You Don't Know Me

fishboy said...

bo: I seem to remember there was drinking involved (derrr) but still no idea what prompted that comment. Apart from, of course, bunting. Which still sounds rude to me.

Anon: Not so much acceptance as resigned fatalism. I know my level of disorganisation - I can clean up my act for a reasonable period of time but my mind eventually returns to a steady-state of chaos. I'm ok with it.

eroica said...

us? drinking?
i think not, kind sir!

Sal said...

>"Have we had this conversation? Damn, my mind is such a sieve I don't know if I'm having deja vu or a senior moment".

oh, i LOVE that.