Monday, April 28, 2008

email conversations

You've all ready seen this...
Flat Earth Society FAQ

Freaky weird.

I think this may be the best BBS I've ever stumbled across.

You're a masochist.

No, you are.

No, I'm a sadist.

Now you've hurt my feelings

My work here is done.

How's the dog?

Free to a good home...

Sorry, we just invested in heaters.

He'd make a good draught strip.

You sure he hasn't got any gaps?
What else is he good for?


Is "draught strip" an NZ term? I'm assuming you're referring to a door snake.

NZ doesn't have snakes.
But does have.. err.. strippers...

So NZ is in denial about its snakes, I see.

Denial is in Egypt.

Apparently Denial proves FET

I'd say all it proves is crocodiles.

Crocodiles in denial? I don't think so.

Why do you think they cry so much?

Because they touch themselves at night?

Because they CAN'T - arms too stubby.

I wish I had photoshop right now

I, strangely, am glad you don't.

I have teh mad psd skillz.

ROFL - u iz teh n00b @ l33t:
yu $hld haz sed 'haz'!!1!



Yeah, it was a slow day...

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