Sunday, February 17, 2008

hippo birdy

Link fiesta:

Everything I hate about comics condensed into one man. Rob Liefeld, and an explanation of why his fingers should be broken. Repeatedly.

For all those (c'mon there's got to be at least 3...) who had been wondering if the entire collection of C.J.isms would ever be condensed into handy web page form - you're in luck!

The fail blog. Especially the Escher Fail - there's a story there I'm sure...

Brilliant firefox add-on - PicLens. Love this. Look!

Feed the head! But be aware it may devour a fair chunk of your day. Do it at work.

Finally! One of geekdom's most troublesome questions answered.

Xkcd blog/blag discusses the physics and possible utility of space lasers & solar sails and in light of worries about interstellar warfare goes to the logical conclusion. Heh.

Check out Kate Beaton and the History Project.
Funny, clever stuff.

Finally: it's my birthday today and it's been ok. Yay me!

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