Tuesday, October 30, 2007

webcomics review

I periodically get bored of life and, rather than indulge in a blaze of semi-automatic gunfire at a Liberal Party* campaign meeting before turning the gun on myself, I turn to teh interblag for solace.

The effect is much the same really, although there's less blood to hose down afterwards.

I recently discovered a couple of comics that have brightened my otherwise dull, meaningless life to a warm glow. I suggest you take a few hours to trawl through the archives of both of these:

Platinum Grit - this has been around since the early 90s?! Man am I slow on the uptake...

The Perry Bible Fellowship - I dig humour of the unexpected. But you probably expected that. Certainly should have expected a bad joke if you know me at all.

Both of these (and others, whose worth I am currently assessing) come recommended by fullyramblomatic.com, authored by the improbably named Yahtzee Croshaw. A better name than his younger brother Craps Croshaw I guess...

In case you missed my plug for his Zero Punctuation game reviews there it is again. Even if you don't play computer games you'll get a giggle.



I'd say you'd thank me for it but you never do. Ungrateful bastards.

* In Australia Liberal means conservative rightwing dirtbag not, y'know, liberal. Yes, it's Bizarro world down here.

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