Wednesday, May 10, 2006

things that annoy me #4278


But more specifically (this time) my immediate boss

While she's a reasonably good person to work for, she's picked up an irritating habit. She's one of these people that imitates other people's accents and speech mannerisms when she talks to them. Which is kinda amusing usually: she'll end up with an attempted Irish accent when talking to a couple of the temps here and she doesn't realise she's doing it.

But recently she's developed this habit of hissing her s's (esses? 's'es? How are you supposed to write that?), probably from hanging out with someone who does the same.

Perhaps she thinks it sounds a bit more posh or something.

To my ears she sounds like that creepy old guy with the walking-frame from Family Guy..

Worse still, despite the fact that I've lost a fair amount of hearing - due to a misspent youth listening to loud bands in tiny rooms - I still have good high-range hearing, this means that all I can hear from over in her corner of the office is this whistling/hissing whenever she talks. And
she's always talking.

It's like working with a budgie. Or a dolphin.

She's driving me insane..

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