Monday, January 17, 2005

fishboy's satchel

fishboy's satchel contents
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The contents are..
*deep breath*

4 notebooks
hands-free celfone thingy
work ID and pass card
route 311 bus timetable (always wrong)
2 spare rubber bands
glasses cleaning cloth
glasses cleaning spray
2 red pens (stolen from work)
2 black pens (ditto)
1 pencil (from Ikea)
post-it notepad
dental floss
blue travel 10 bus pass
checked hankerchief
parachute log book (just in case..)
2 spare earrings
NZ simcard for celfone
2 tiny shells (what the..?)
2 letter writing pads
5 letters (unanswered as yet, bear with me)
2 postcards
stamped self-addressed envelope from Eroica
spare envelopes
envelope containing kiwi feathers
Auspost stamps
NZ Post stamps
2 movie fliers for 'Vanity Fair' (didn't see it)
water bottle
diary/journal/mad thoughts book
2 random photos (one from Canada, one from NZ)
tendonitis/RSI cream
mouthguard (just in case)
Aus $4.20 in coins (the perfect amount for coffee & a muffin)
Sydney metropolitan map
wallet (containing mostly plastic, licenses and 50 Euros)
and finally: 60-70ish bits of scrap paper/used envelopes/torn-out notebook pages with scribblings/notes/lists/things to remember/things seen or overheard etc
oh, and some lint

No, I am not mad.

Well, maybe a little.

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