Sunday, December 19, 2004


Back in Godzone yet again. But this time, it has to be said:

What the fuck have you been doing with the weather!


It's supposed to be SUMMER! You know: sunshine, heat, sunburn, sunblock. SUN for god's sake!

It's about 4 fucking degrees out there, blowing a fucking gale and the rain (ha! sleet!) is coming in horizontal!

There are penguins flying north to get better weather!

Ok, ok, make all the obligatory you've-gone-soft-coz-you've-been -living-in-Australia cracks. Frankly Sydney in summer is no picnic if you don't have air-con, sweating has become a major pastime of mine. But at least it's doing what it's supposed to at this time of year.

Bloody New Zealand. You just have to be different don't you.

Screw this, my fingers are turning blue. I'm getting a hot-water bottle and as many cats as I can find and going back to bed. Company would be greatly appreciated - just for the body heat of course..

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