Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It seems that rashly declaring I was back and blogging at a time when I am busier and more unsettled than I have been for years was.. well.. rash.


Seems like I will be resuming my usual modus craperandi of irregular and erratic updates with little content or interest.

Start as you intend to continue I say!

In an attempt to be slightly less shite here's a brief recap of recent events:

I'm working in a new job (still for the Attoney General's Dept tho) which is good and challenging, although at the moment it mostly involves reviewing functional specification documents. More than a thousand pages all up I'd say. My eyes are beginning to crust over..
My long-term relationship has broken down (I did the breaking, truth be told).
Finding accomodation in inner Sydney sucks big fat hairy arses. But I've got a place to move into on the 27th Nov, so things are progressing - albeit slowly. Now all I have to do is buy everything all over again.
The stress of recent events has caused me to lose somewhere between 5 and 7 kgs (my bathroom scales are as erratic as me) and I'm only now getting my appetite back. Everyone keeps telling me I look great tho - which, oddly, makes me feel worse. I don't recommend it as a weight-loss strategy.
Emotional trauma and my general fucked-upness has so far managed to turn me into a hypersensitive asshole, irreparably damaging at least one friendship. Let alone losing the person I've been closest to for years.
I've seen more of Sydney in the last few months and been out & about more than the previous couple of years. The upside of being alone and having to find my own fun/occupy my overworked brain.

I'm sure there are more things I've done in the last year or so but, obviously, my mind is still focussed primarily on the events of the last couple of months.

More to come, hopefully. Fear it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's alive!


After judicious application of magical electricity to the essential areas...

My nipples are still smoking.

I'll be easing back into this so be gentle with me...