Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the end of effing?

I don't know. Maybe.

Sorry for the lack of posting. Or replies to comments or emails. I just can't seem to get words out these days.

This has all become far too much hard work so I'm calling an end. Or at the very least a hiatus. Hell it's been so long since the last post it shouldn't be a surprise.

If I never come back, well, it's been grand and tragic and excruciatingly painful in equal portions. More than two years of blogging is far more than I ever expected. Given that I'm a nearly pathologically private introvert running a blog was a pretty crazy idea. I blame Eroica.

Anyway, after all this grand farewelling I may well return in a few weeks. After my 2nd dan black belt grading in Easter. Assuming I survive I might well have something to say about that. Assuming that I have the use of my arms..

Also, I plan to keep on posting random crap to the Third Drawer and on Flickr, just not much personal stuff (if any).

Ciao lovelies.